The Spa Retreats

We have six ‘Spa Retreats’ available to hire on a weekly or seasonal basis. These beach huts were built by Ecologic Developments based in Bournemouth and are constructed to a very high standard. All huts include two double glazed doors, insulated walls, a cushioned bench plus three large cushions, a removable table and interior cladding.

The Spa Retreats are located near the top of the Spa Bungalows, opposite Shore Road. They do not have direct access to the beach but benefit from stunning views.



Figure 1                                                                          Figure 2


Fig. 1 - as described above, showing what is included inside as standard.

Fig. 2 - as Fig. 1 with adornments.


The Spa Retreats Beach Huts Hire Charges




From 29th October 2022 – CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Should you require any further information, please contact the

Swanage Information Centre: 01929 766018.


All prices are inclusive of VAT.

The Spa Retreats will close from 29th October 2022 until further notice.

Please see our website for daily booking criteria.


Tilly Whim - 1

Durlston Head - 2

Peveril Ledges - 3

Shep's Hollow - 4

Ballard Down - 5

Old Harry - 6










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