Town Council winter maintenance at Beach Gardens

02 February 2018


The bulk of the work required to keep the town’s parks and gardens at their best is undertaken in the autumn and winter ready for the summer season. This year Beach Gardens is receiving some attention to make sure that it remains an attractive and safe place for visitors and locals alike.

Works have been planned to a number of the pine trees with the primary aim of making them safe. Several of the trees are showing signs of disease and die back and are highly likely to be in terminal decline. As a result of this we are seeing increased storm damage and deadwood in close proximity to public paths, which poses a high potential health and safety risk.

Aware of the special nature of Beach Gardens and the important role that the pine trees play in the character of the area, the Council has appointed a group of councillors to work with the grounds maintenance team to determine how these works can be undertaken sensitively and to help devise an appropriate replanting scheme where there is no option but for the trees to be felled. No work will be carried out until this has been agreed and a further update will be posted online as and when the detail of the works have been confirmed. All residents living nearby will also be written to, in line with the Council’s agreed policy on tree works.

The Council has also taken the opportunity to make other necessary changes. A small set of steps at the rear of the tennis courts have been stopped up as they failed to meet current guidelines on width, handrails or gradient.

A number of benches in the area have also been removed due to their age and condition. However, the Council is looking at a scheme to provide wheelchair access and improved seating in the vicinity of the basketball court. A number of other benches have been removed to the Council Depot for refurbishment and will return once they have been given a new lease of life.

The biggest change will be the installation of a spacious new disabled toilet facility on the site of the existing workmen’s hut near to the Cauldon Avenue entrance. This new building will be installed during the next two months, and it is anticipated that it will be open for the Easter holidays. The Town Council hopes that this will encourage greater use of the facilities at Beach Gardens by the elderly and those with disabilities, whether they participate in a sporting activity or simply want to appreciate the beautiful surroundings.

Finally, improvements have also been made to the kiosk at Beach Gardens pavilion to make it more customer friendly, and also to enable a slightly wider range of refreshments to be offered when it reopens later in the year. Since its re-branding as Tea on the Green a year ago it has proved a popular destination for people to enjoy a cup of coffee and relax with family or friends.

Tea on the Green and the putting green will re-open ready for the school holidays on Good Friday, 30th March. We hope to see you there!