20 June 2017

Please refrain from feeding the gulls!


Concerns have again been raised regarding seagulls and the increasingly aggressive behaviour displayed by them. They are being encouraged into the town centre by being fed and cause nuisance by noise, excrement (which can pass on bacterial and fungal infections to humans), ripping open refuse sacks and can display aggression for food.


Seagulls often attack people during nesting season to protect their nests, and problems also extend to swooping at people. This is especially the case during the summer season when visitors eating out of doors provide an easy target for a free meal. The problem is exacerbated by people feeding the gulls and last year the Council put up new signs along the seafront advising people not to do so. Unfortunately however, these appear to be frequently ignored.

What you can do to help:

  • Don’t throw the remains of your packed lunch to the gulls, they have their own food sources.
  • Don’t be tempted to feed any birds outside cafes, tea gardens or seaside kiosks.

  • When feeding birds in the garden, don’t throw loose bread or scraps onto the ground, it could result in a line of noisy Herring Gulls parked on your roof permanently. Confine bird food to wire containers or covered feeding stations.

  • Place discarded takeaway remains into a litter bin, not onto the street floor.

  • Do not disturb cliff nesting gull colonies during the breeding season.

Thank you.

For further information or advice please visit the RSPB website

Please also see the Town Council's information poster