15 March 2017


The Town Council looks to future of Outdoor Performance Space in Swanage

Four years on from removing the roof of Swanage bandstand due to safety concerns, Swanage Town Council has set a six-month target to decide its future. The Council has proposed that the sunken site be filled in if there are no firm proposals to replace the structure by the end of August.


At its monthly meeting on 27th February the Town Council agreed that six months should provide an adequate window of opportunity for anyone interested in the future of the site to put together an outline proposal. It is estimated that the cost of a new bandstand would be upwards of £80,000.


The roof of the bandstand, erected in 1923, was found to be structurally unsound when refurbishment works were commenced back in 2012 to address serious storm damage. It had been hoped to have the bandstand restored prior to the London Olympics torch relay, but sadly the structure had deteriorated beyond repair having been warped by ground movement over the past 90 years. Having made the site safe the roofless structure has remained in place, but the Council now believes that the time has come to make a final decision on the future of this important seafront location.


Whilst recognising the historic character of the former bandstand, the Town Council also intends to consider alternative locations for band performances. Town Mayor, Councillor Steve Poultney, said ‘Swanage Town Council is fully committed to identifying an appropriate outdoor performance space for live music and is open to all options. In particular, improvements could be made to Prince Albert Gardens which has become increasingly well used by local event organisers in recent years’.


Initial discussions have been held with the Town Band who have been invited to partake in this debate and anyone interested in these matters is encouraged to contact the Town Council, e-mail


The Town Council is also interested to hear of alternative proposals for the bandstand site. One suggestion that has been made relates to the installation of a water ‘splash’ park. All options will be considered at a future Council meeting which will be open to the public.

16th March 2017