Beach Huts


Fancy a beach hut for 2017?


Beach huts are available all year round for daily, weekly or whole season hire. They are a popular feature and enable you to have some comfort whilst gazing out to sea. Hire a beach hut and your trips to the beach are made easier without having to take all your towels, swimwear and children’s toys down to the beach every day!

There are two areas where you can hire a beach hut.


Shore Road Beach Huts

If you have children or grandchildren you may prefer to hire a 'Shore Road Beach Hut'. These are along Shore Road, below the Recreation Ground. From 1st May to 30th September Shore Road is closed which gives safe access to the beach.

Following completion of the Swanage Seafront Stabilisation Scheme at the end of 2014, 60 new beach huts are available for hire. The works were necessary to prevent land slippage onto Shore Road which had become a serious threat in recent years. A scheme was devised which included the construction of new public toilets, two tiers of beach huts and a permanent kiosk on the corner of Shore Road and Victoria Avenue. The design has been sensitive to the conservation area, ensuring a break in the second tier and a restriction in the height of the huts to preserve the green appearance of the Recreation Ground from the beach. Incorporated in the scheme are six 'premium' huts which are one and a half times larger than the standard huts.

All new huts are equipped with a table, four chairs and electric power points. The premium huts are equipped with a table, six chairs, a parasol, storage cupboard and electric power points.

The huts will be allocated in line with the policy set out in the Booking Form which includes the terms of hire.

Please note: When making a beach hut booking, it is important that you check the location and number of the hut you require from the map on the Booking Form, thank you.

Shore Road Beach Huts - hire charges


The Spa Beach Huts

If you are looking for somewhere away from the crowds then the ‘Spa Beach Huts’ are ideally placed. These are positioned away from Shore Road, overlooking the bay, a table, four chairs and electric power point are provided. Please note that the huts from 1-18 are only accessible by steps. The huts will be allocated in line with the policy set out in the Booking Form which includes the terms of hire.

The Spa Beach Huts - hire charges


Please telephone Swanage Tourist Information Centre on 01929 422885 if you have any queries about how to book a beach hut.